Who Said Ellen Was Perfect?

It wasn’t me. Was it you? I highly doubt it. So, who said it? I’m dying to know because apparently, she’s supposed to be. Apparently.

Ok, so Ellen screwed up. She’s admitted it…and tearfully, I might add. The part about this whole mess that gets my goat is where Iggy (the dog) is located now – with someone else’s family! THAT really bothers me.

I understand that there are policies. In fact, I understand and completely agree that animals/pets need to be protected. I support that whole-heartedly. But, the thing is it’s not like Ellen gave the dog she had intended to keep as her own pet to just any family. It’s not like she gave him to an audience member who said, “Hey, I’ll take him. I can provide a good home,” or to some random caller or emailer willing to adopt the canine. She gave him to her hairdresser, a person whom she has known for several years that has a family that she cares for as well.

While I understand there are procedures to follow if you find that you can’t keep an animal once you have adopted it, rather than give Iggy to ANOTHER family, why not just take the dog back, complete the paperwork, do the background check, and then give Iggy back to the family that already loved her? That family has GOT to have good references. For Pete’s sake, the mother works for Ellen! Ellen’s no fool. I’m sure her people did a background check on the hairdresser before she became employed.

So, that’s my beef. I’m ticked that the shelter didn’t just do what they needed to do to make it legit and then give Iggy back to the loving family that wanted her. Although they have not released an official statement detailing their reasoning as to why they opted not to do that, I gotta tell ya…there is absolutely NOTHING that would convince me that they made the right decision for him. Nothing!

Before you respond, let me say one other thing. I also realize that Ellen is a celebrity, she’s not entitled to what she wants, she’s in the public eye daily, yadda, yadda, yadda. The thing is, I fully believe she is genuine and sincere in realizing her mistake and I believe she too has learned from it. And no, I don’t have blinders on. This is just my very humble opinion.

You see…we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Perfection can’t be found in this world, that’s for sure. Don’t punish a family that just wanted to love another living creature just because someone else didn’t follow the proper procedure. That’s all I am trying to say.

What’s your opinion on this issue? I’d love to hear it!

Smiles (after the tears…and yes, I had tears),

Lisa 🙂

(image courtesy of: http://img.timeinc.net/time/daily/2006/0605/ellen0508.jpg)

One Response to “Who Said Ellen Was Perfect?”
  1. giggles says:

    Personally I don’t understand why they wouldn’t support Ellen’s decision. She makes wise choices.As a dog owner for over thirty years, from birth to death of two sets of dogs, I believe animals are yours for life. Because Ellen’s such an animal advocate I believe she probably chose people better suited to a highly demanding puppy. Wouldn’t it be better for her to oversee the proper care of that dog with the people still in her life. I can’t help but wonder are they expecting to get another six grand for that adorable dog from another celebrity. Is it all about the money I wonder. Something is very fishy here.

    My Bichon, and Lhasa Apso had three puppies. I interviewed the prospective new owners, and refused many. When I found the right people, I let them have the dogs free. I wanted good homes, not a price tag. They went to people with older dogs that were soon to pass. Two ended up together, the other was a neighbor.I could sleep knowing those sweet little things were safe in a long term homes. Many people get animals on a whim, then abort them at will…I abhor that. Ellen knew from the get go this dog wasn’t a fit, and did damage control. I hate that the poor animal has been fostered around! Not to mention how distressing it is to fall for an animal and have it ripped from your life! My dogs were my family. That’s why it is taking well over a year to decide when to get another! Great post!

    Peace Giggles

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