More Good Stuff!

First, I must apologize to my avid readers (Bryce, that’s you too, my friend) for getting a bit behind again in my writing. My day job has kept me very busy working just about 50 hours each week…give or take. Add to that my own business is picking up a bit, which is a good thing, and well, there’s very little time for me to indulge in anything else. However….I have a couple of things to share with you. The picture to the right is a picture of Bryce and Karen at our 20th high school reunion, which comes up a bit later in my post.

My job with NBC is so interesting. Sometimes I get to do the craziest things. This past weekend I had to attend the North Carolina State Fair, a hardship, I know. 🙂 All of us Community Content Liaisons were given a different assignment. One had food, one the parking/traffic, one was to grab the first fair-goers and find out what they were looking forward to, one will wrap up the event interviewing attendees about the best thing about their experience, and me….I had the ULTIMATE assignment – for one video, I was to ride the rides and document my experience on them and for another, interview the ride-goers for their interpretation. Check out this link – Are YOU Brave Enough – for the video of my experience as I rode the rides on Friday afternoon. It’s quite funny actually!

Saturday afternoon (the 15th), I had my first ever acting gig (though I didn’t have to say any lines). Our station is filming a new promo and I played a mother waving goodbye to her son as she drops him off to school. (the fact that I am at the age where I can play a mother was a bit…eh..hem…weird.) I thought it was going to be a wide-shot type of thing. Umm…no. They filmed a close up of me in the car too. You should’ve seen it! Before I knew it, the camera was pretty much in my face for the close up and I had to repeat my “wave”. I have to admit, it was so COOL! When the promo is up, I’ll have to post the link to that as well.

Another “good” thing – as most of you know I’m the Fan Club President for a Hollywood actor. We are in the final stages of planning for his Club launch on November 1st…and I’m so excited about that! We’ll have an exclusive website for the Club, our Welcome Kit looks real good, and the things that our Club will do are so different from other actor fan clubs that I think we’ll stand apart from the rest.

Finally, last weekend I attended my 20th high school reunion. It was a HUGE success! It was so much fun to reconnect with those I knew and connect with those that I didn’t really hang around with as much. The years have changed us it seems. The old saying “as you get older you appreciate things more” is so true. At least it is for me. I appreciated seeing every single person that walked in the door that evening. Here are a couple of pictures from the evening:

Me and Heather

Me and Carolyn

Me and Maria
Erik, me, and CJ

Good stuff!

Lisa 🙂


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