Well, Did He Do It Again?

I can’t believe after 10 plus years that question is still being asked! More importantly, I can’t believe that there is a reason to AGAIN!!

I remember where I was when the “Trial of the Century” verdict was read. I remember what I felt at that time and during the entire process. And I remember what I was thinking when it was all over – that it never really would be.

Now, he’s caught again. This time red-handed with audio to prove it. I know OJ’s technically “innocent until proven guilty” but you know what? Well…I think I’ll just leave it at that. Just know that as I sit here typing away, I also have a frown on my face and I’m shaking my head in disgust. That visual alone should say something.

Turning the frown upside down….

Lisa 🙂

(Image courtesy of: newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42335000/jpg/_…)

2 Responses to “Well, Did He Do It Again?”
  1. giggles says:

    I know where I was too…my ex was glued to this court drama. Well I won’t even tell you how we ended up. Just thankful I’m not a Nicole!

  2. forgetfulone says:

    In my humble opinion, OJ is no better than the common thug on the street corner. Why? Well… duh! Yes, he did it! Yes, he got away with it! Yes, he did this, too. Will he also get away with this? Probably. I, too, remember exactly where I was when the verdict was announced. I was shocked, although I don’t know why I should have been. Was it really any surprise that he got off? Why do we persist in giving him the coverage he gets? Who cares? I guess I’m just sick of OJ.

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