Patriot Pride

Where’s Mine?

So, there I was in my last entry bitchin’ and moanin’ about the lack of integrity in professional sports and praising teams such as the Spurs, the Hurricanes, the Red Sox, and yes, the Patriots. I kept going on and on about why my teams are such GOOD teams both on the field and off. Then, the first week of the NFL season happened and now I find myself in a quandry…or am I? Do I continue to root for my home team (whether openly or silently) or do I walk away in shame? That is my question.

It seems only appropriate to “return” to my Dish with the topic of the moment – the Patriots’ “cheating day” last Sunday, September 9th – given my previous entry. I’ve read the reports and I’ve even consulted the Sports Director of the news station I work at. This morning, I’ve been watching ESPN Sports Center. Wouldn’t you know it – the Patriots slip up made the topic of the morning. Now there’s a shocker.

Yet, it’s not. The debate behind, “Did the Patriots receive enough of a penalty or not?”, I think will be an on-going controversy as the season plays on, or at least while Belichick is still coaching…or both.

In my prior post, I was toting (or perhaps gloating) over the fact that the reason the Patriots are so successful is simply because of the way Belichick runs his team, the fact that he doesn’t take any crap from his players or his coaching staff. He runs a clean tight ship…that is until last week when it all blew up in his face and when we fans began to question our own loyalties. I know I did…and still do.

On the one hand, in my humble opinion I believe the Patriots should still be looked upon as a team. All controversy aside, the TEAM won each of the three Super Bowls they have won and made the playoffs five times in the seven years that Belichick has reigned as Head Coach as a TEAM. On the other, the fact that the Commission has now confiscated all videotape utilized by the Patriots since Belichick’s inception as coach only further questions the morality of the team and of the coaching staff. And more importantly, what does this say about each of those aforementioned Super Bowl wins? Were they legit…technically?

I want to say that I stand by my Patriots. Yet, admittedly, I’m slightly embarrassed by last week’s turn of events. The worst part is, if the Commission does in fact find that the Patriots have been “cheating” all this time (or even a portion of it), I have absolutely no clue what to feel. Anger? Further embarrassment? Disappointment? Sadness? All of the above?

Yet, what constantly comes to mind is the fact that the Patriots play as a team, a team of individuals that have gotten to where they are purely based upon their own individual talents that they collectively demonstrate on a weekly basis…and I’m going to say it again….as a TEAM.

This morning on Sports Center in the second hour of the show, Emmitt Smith said it best –

“Belichick cannot MAKE a player catch a ball, he cannot make a player make a right block….but what he can do is put you in a position to make a play but it’s up to the player to act at the end of the day to make a play.”

That’s the way that I look at it. Yet, Tom Jackson followed up with his, “edict of fair play” comment in that –

“When you talk about legacy, when you talk about what’s going to be remembered, I can say it will be remembered. I don’t know to what extent. But, it will be remembered.”

And I agree with that too.

So, where do I stand? Honestly…I don’t know. I want so badly to root for my team but I find myself at a standoff between rooting for the team as a whole or not at all. And as a whole, I have to include Belichick. He is the Head Coach after all.

A team cannot be a team without all of the necessary components it has to make up that team. Belichick and his coaching staff combined with the players, the team doctors, even the marketing reps in the home office, is what makes up that team. At the end of the day, I root for them all. The question is now can I still?

There’s my quandry. I know. I’m all over the map with my thoughts here but I’m so confused about how I should feel. What are your thoughts? I’m anxious to hear them.

Lisa 🙂

Quotations taken from today, Sunday September 16th, ESPN Sports Center program. See for more.

Images all courtesy of:…/sports2/bill%20belichick.jpg

One Response to “Patriot Pride”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    I don’t keep up with football (except my son’s team) too much, so I hadn’t heard about this. I say, stick to your loyalties. Why be only a fair weather friend who’s there when things are smooth?

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