Once Again Time Escapes Me

Don’t you hate that? You know…when time flies so fast that you can’t keep up with everything that you WANT to do. Instead, you end up striving to keep up with the things you HAVE to do. I hate that. I want there to be enough time in the day …week …month…. year to do ALL the things I want to do. BUT, unfortunately that isn’t the case and some things have to be put aside. Take my Blogging for instance, or shall I say, lack thereof. I haven’t Blogged in a month. A MONTH! Where did the time go?

That’s easy enough to explain. Remember when I posted that I left my career to embark on a new one? Well, first I opened my own business, Spring Road Connections, (http://www.springroadconnections.com) and for most of the summer, I spent my time working on that. I continued writing feature articles for Mike’s publication, Local Business Book, (http://www.ncbusinessbook.com) and then in early July, I was elected as the Fan Club President for a Hollywood actor. Both of these I absolutely LOVE doing, especially the fan club thing.

(He personally autographed this picture for me!)

Also in July, I secured a full time job with my local NBC station, NBC 17 (http://www.nbc17.com) as a Community Content Liaison, which I also enjoy.

My CCL Team
(That’s me on the far right.)

Add to that that I am also the webmaster for my high school graduating class celebrating its 20 year reunion this year (http://www.freewebs.com/lhs1987) and that I’m a Moderator on the same Hollywood actor’s official message board too, ummm….yeah….THIS is where my time has gone.

The thing is, I’m really not complaining about it. There is nothing I would change. I’m finally doing something career-wise that excites me the way that teaching used to…and that’s a plus! A MAJOR plus! However, I have missed my Blogging and I plan to carve out some time even if it’s just once a week to continue working on that side of my passion. After all, I hope to publish my first book in 3 years time too and I need to continue to cultivate that skill.

Time. It escapes me right now but it’s all good! No matter what, I will find a way to make time for everything. THAT I have never doubted. You would think the opposite based on the way I introduced this post, wouldn’t you? Nahh. No worries. It’s ALL good!

Lisa 🙂

(Clock Image courtesy of: http://www.onthetable.co.uk/db/themephoto/Clocks.jpg)
(The other images are personal copies. You can see the second one a bit bigger on the NBC 17 Site.)

2 Responses to “Once Again Time Escapes Me”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    I had been wondering where you were! I try to read all your blogs.

  2. forgetfulone says:

    I had been wondering where you were! I try to read all your blogs.

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