You’re Kidding Me, Right?

When it comes to cultural differences, for the most part, I embrace them. I love to read about or watch a program segment or actually experience a cultural celebration in person with either friends who are from a different background or as I travel. However, there is one cultural difference that I don’t think I will EVER fully understand and I know I will never endorse – female genital mutilation. Yep! You heard me.

Today, as I searched the net for stories of interest to me, this one was a lead story on CNN’s home page ( and it definitely caught my eye. So, I read it and the whole time I was reading it, my mouth was wide open as my eyes were lifted in…well…there’s no other way to say it..shock! You’re kidding me right? How is this practice considered (1) healthy, (2) spiritual, and (3) cultural (outside of the fact that it takes place in some African countries).

The article describes female genital mutilation as a practice that generally occurs in the summer months giving an infant, young girl, or woman time to heal. It involves the removal of the clitoris and other female genitalia so as to curb a woman’s sexual desire so that the female will retain her honor. Here’s a striking statistic – approximately 100-300 million women have already been subjected to it and 3 million girls face the threat each year.* Add to that, that both Muslims and Christians alike practice it.

First of all, how is this even remotely considered healthy? Those risks alone have got to raise a red flag. Some of these women can’t even go on to give birth later in life even if they wanted to because of this procedure.

Second, how is this even spiritually acceptable? I hope a Christian person who believes in this practice will shed some light for me here. There’s no gentle way to say this either so I think I’ll just come right out – according to Biblical reference, the whole point of a woman was to create a companion for a man and God only created woman as the being that would give birth. This goes back to the days of Genesis. So, again, enlighten me, how is this acceptable?

Third, as I said in the beginning, I understand cultural differences and can embrace them. BUT, this is one that will baffle my mind until the end of time. The health and spiritual ramifications alone outweigh the cultural justification, at least in my mind.

So, why is this a hot topic? It seems the government of Great Britain has banned the practice since 2003. However, upwards of 500 British citizens and/or refugees from African countries that practice it freely but that now live in Britain, continue to be at risk. There’s a campaign to heighten awareness in that country. I live in the USA and if I could be there, I’d go marching down the streets in protest myself.

I’m sorry but this just doesn’t fly with me. There’s not two ways about it. What is this world coming to? Seems I ask myself that question a lot lately.



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2 Responses to “You’re Kidding Me, Right?”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    I have no idea what the previous comment means. I followed the link, and I still don’t understand.

    For Christians like you and me, none of this makes sense in a spiritual way, of course, but most of the people aren’t Christians. Thankfully, we have missionaries in parts of the world that can hopefully touch their lives.

    It is, in our eyes, a disgusting practice. I cannot embrace it, either. Thanks for tackling a tough subject! D.

  2. Rodrigo says:

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