Time and Place

Amongst all the other news out there this morning, there was this “little” story tucked into the Google News page taken from the Houston Chronicle, a story about the return of the space shuttle Atlantis from a two-week long jaunt in space.

I wasn’t born in the 60’s when the space race was THE big story. It wasn’t until the earliest launches of the space shuttle program in the 1980’s that I became intrigued by the whole idea of space exploration. I was so intrigued that Hollywood films such as Apollo 13, Space Camp, even Armageddon are the kind of films I like to watch over and over again. I don’t have the will power or the absolute desire to even attempt to try to get to space myself so I live vicariously through those films. And, boy, do I remember when Challenger exploded! That was to be the first trip in space for a Teacher. Space exploration has come a long way even amongst the challenges that we have faced in America’s space program.

So back to this article. Astronaut Sunita “Suni” Williams became the woman record holder for spending 195 days in space at the International Space Station. Besides delivering and installing a solar module, the shuttle Atlantis’ other mission was to bring Williams back. Probably the thing that fascinates me the most about this story is that not only is she the record holder but this was also her first mission into space. WOW! That says alot. For Suni, she says it’s all about “Time and place.”

I am amazed at how far we’ve come in space exploration. I fully believe there’s so much more out there to explore and discover. I am thrilled that we can continue to work with International communities to make the International Space Station a functioning laboratory in which to continue our discoveries. I am also one of those people that still watches every launch with anticipation and excitement.

When’s the next one?

Lisa 🙂

(Information for this post was taken from: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4915147.html).

One Response to “Time and Place”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    The next one…. sooner than you think. Dave does electrical design for Lockheed on behalf of NASA. He’s working this weekend, so they’re in the baby steps of the next launch already.

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