Mommy, I’ll Take a Margarita Please!

Imagine yourself sitting at a restaurant with your two year-old waiting for the Server to come take your order. Moments later, she (or he) arrives and does just that. You’ve ordered apple juice for your toddler and a Diet Coke for yourself. The Server returns with the drink order and tells you that your meal will be up in a few minutes. Your toddler is busy coloring in his coloring book all the while sipping away at his apple juice. As the minutes continue to pass, he starts making funny faces and pushes away his juice. You wonder what’s wrong so you pop the lid off of the sippy cup his juice was in and the whiff of tequila startles you.

Yep! I kid you not. This poor family went for a leisurely lunch with their toddler one afternoon at an Applebees in California and the restaurant mistakenly poored Margarita mix into the sippy cup for the toddler because as they explain it, the Margarita mix and apple juice are kept in similar containers and the manager grabbed the wrong one to make the toddlers drink. Whoops!

Here’s what caught my eye as I read this story today – (1) the manager mistakenly grabbed the wrong container and (2) the mother wasn’t going to make THAT big of a deal about it until her child got sick later that evening.

First of all, why would you store apple juice and an alcoholic beverage mix in the exact same containers? Not to mention, were they labeled either? Second, the manager didn’t know the difference, didn’t pay attention to what s/he was doing? Third, if I was that mother, I DEFINITELY would have made a HUGE deal about it in some sort of way. What would I have done? Well, I don’t exactly know. Perhaps I would’ve contacted the District Manager, Home Office, or something, regarding their own employee’s very stupid mistake (and yes, I’ll use the word stupid here. It fits!). Either way, this article rubbed me the wrong way.

WOW! That’s all I can say. What are your thoughts?


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