The Bucket of Rust

One of the most interesting stories to come out of the news in the last couple of days was that of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was encased in an underground tomb in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a celebration of Oklahoma’s statehood of 50 years at that time. Organizers of the burial also held a contest in which the citizens of Tulsa could guess the population of their city 50 years later when the Belvedere was resurrected. Whomever comes closest wins the car.

Now, I think the whole concept of celebrating 50 years of statehood through the burial of a time capsule is quite nostalgic. That would bring a tear to my eye. But, the burial of an entire car that is sure to get all dirty and rusty only to resurrect it and give it to someone who wins a contest…who REALLY wants that thing? I understand that there are expert automobile restoration services out there but I can only assume that the winner has the dinero to make the restoration of that vehicle happen. I can only assume.

Not to take anything away from the organizers of the event or the people who have waited so long to see it come to fruition or even the people who live in Tulsa today, God Bless them for the culture behind the celebration. But, I’m just wondering, if you were offered an opportunity like this, would you participate?

Please comment. I’m dying to see what you have to say.

Lisa (AKA The Daily Dish Diva)
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  1. forgetfulone says:

    Great job, Lisa! I’m excited to read your new blog, and way to go on getting your business off the ground. Love the website.

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