Go Spurs Go!

I’m a HUGE San Antonio Spurs fan; have been for six years now. Last night, they became the NBA World Champs for the 4th time in 9 years! I am so proud of “my boyz”.

An interesting graphic went up during the game too. It highlighted the 4 teams that have had 3 major title wins in the last decade. The Spurs were on that list. No doubt. But, last night they secured their spot at the TOP of the list. Yet another achievement in itself! (On an aside, another of my favorite teams, the New England Patriots, were listed as #2 on that very same list. Go Patriots!)

How do they do it? I call it a little bit of Popovich mixed in with a team that pulls together headed by Tim Duncan, Tony Parker (who won MVP last night!), and Manu Ginoboli. In my very humble opinion, it’s there cohesiveness that makes them who they are. And each guy is amazing in themselves. Duncan is a GOOD guy. Sure, he’s a phenomenal athlete but as man, he is so much more. He exemplifies what it means to be good at what you do, to share that talent with the world, and to set the example for others. When you put Duncan with Parker & Ginoboli, they are such a team within the team.

I’m so proud of my Spurs. Way to go, Guys. Way to go!



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