Once again I find myself writing about this topic. It’s because I am truly and utterly addicted to more things than I realized and I need to sort through them all. I mean, there are good and bad addictions, right? But, what constitutes a “good” one or a “bad” one? What defines either?

You see, I don’t feel as though I have any “bad” addictions, at least nothing along the lines of alcohol, drugs, or even sex (I still find that one difficult to fathom as an addiction but I guess for some it is.). My addictions are pretty basic.

Since I purchased my laptop nearly two years ago, I’ve become addicted to it. In fact, it is from whence I type right now! I love this little machine. I love that I can take it into the kitchen, download recipees, video cooking lessons (well, I don’t really do those but it sounds good, doesn’t it?), even continue a chat with my gals. I sign on this sucker everyday, check the weather for the day, the latest news, visit my usual sites for entertainment or music news (or gossip), even post on a message board. I find it very difficult to put my computer down cuz I use it for everything….pretty much. I assure you, though, I do step away from it more often than you think. But, bottom line, I don’t know what I’d do without my laptop. Speaking of the computer…

Two additional addictions that I can’t get enough of – message boarding and chatting. I think I chat (or Board) with the same gals at least twice a day. It used to be because we all had a particular TV show in common but in the last year or so, we’ve come to know each other so well, that we even plan girl weekends away. Our first was last November in Orlando. Our next is this June in NYC. It’s amazing how the internet can bring people together!

Recently, I have become addicted to ITunes. I can’t get enough of it! Now that I understand the technology better, I find myself downloading podcasts, songs, whole albums, even videos, at least once a week. I haven’t brought myself to wanting to download a whole movie as yet but that’s coming. I take my IPOD with me wherever I go. It’s my source of music, podcasts, and even my PDA. I love it! What I would do without that either, I hope I never have to find out.

So, are all these addictions necessarily bad? Well, no. But, if spending way too much time at each takes away from quality time with the ones I love or from a beautiful spring day or just overall enjoying what’s around me, well, then I guess I’d have to say it’s time to make some changes.

I will admit, I do spend more time than I should on the computer. As I sit now, I’m procrastinating the grading of upteen papers for report cards. Probably not a good thing! Yet, I have promised myself not to let my addictions turn from “good” to “bad”. So, I guess I better get going. Where are those papers anyway?

‘Til next time,



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