Rambling Thoughts

Oh my gosh! I just noticed it’s been three weeks since I last posted. I don’t like that, especially when so much has gone on and so many thoughts have rambled through my mind in all that time.

Christmas. Christmas was wonderful! We packed our gifts, our goods, and our dog into our Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed north for the holidays. While in Massachusetts we saw every single family member (I believe), especially our adorable lovable nephews. Oh, they are the BEST! I could be biased but….NOT! HA! I even had a chance to visit with some of my classmates from 20 years ago. 20 years. WOW! Am I really that old?

New Years. Was there one? Ummmm…we wouldn’t know cuz the entire weekend was spent holed up between couch, bed, and bathroom with a nasty stomach virus. And I’ll leave it at that.

Pet peeves. Where does this topic fit in here? Well, I encountered two pet peeves that truly just PEEVED me off all the while I was on break – stupid drivers and oh…I’m sorry….was that toilet supposed to be flushed?

Stupid drivers. Ummm…ok…so we’re riding down I-95 south just outside of Baltimore. Some moron in a mini-van from New Jersey realizes that he “inadvertently” was in the wrong lane and about to exit when he suddenly decides to cross over the grass median and wait for an opening in traffic to continue his drive…all the while talking on the cell phone! In the meantime, the rest of us driving behind him found ourselves swerving to avoid his butt and all the other morons that weren’t paying attention to him in front of us. Oh how annoying! Get off the dang exit and turn around, for goodness sake! GRRRRR!! That get’s my goat! Obviously, the idiot needs another course in Driver’s Ed 101.

Flushing toilets. Yeah. Ladies…whatever happened to ensuring that the toilet has been COMPLETELY flushed before exiting the stall? WHAT? Can you believe this one? I don’t know how many times we stopped at a rest area needing to use the facilities only to find that I had to check more stalls that I should have to in order to actually use said facilities. That’s just GROSS! Don’t ya think? EWWWWWW! I’m embarassed. Anyone else?

But…outside of that, it was a really nice relaxing Break. Now, I’m back to the daily grind and wishing for another vacation. Don’t we all? Such is life!

Here’s to best wishes for a joyful, restful, truly happy and prosperous NEW YEAR to all!


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