Feeling Nostalgic

I live in NC now but I’m originally from Massachusetts. I spent many a summer night or day riding the rides at Whalom Park in the small town of Lunenburg, just a little over an hour west of Boston on Route 2. Today, I received an email that brought back memories while at the same time made me very sad. Let me clarify…the email didn’t; the subject and subsequent attachment did.

Whalom Park has been sold to developers that plan to build nearly 200 condominiums/townhomes on the site that once was a family-oriented amusement park. The price of progress.

When I was a kid, my family used to take me (I don’t remember how many times) each summer so that I could ride all the coolest, fastest, scariest rides. At one point in my life, I was an avid roller coaster junkie. I used to seek out only the best. Now… Whalom didn’t have what I consider “the best” but it did have one very fun, very thrilling coaster, The Comet, and for nearly 100 years, it was the oldest wooden coaster in the state of Massachusetts, if not New England. The Comet was Whalom’s pride & joy, Whalom’s signature ride.

As a teenager, I used to go to Whalom to not only experience rides like the Octopus, the bumper cars, the Speedway, the giant slide, and of course, the Comet. I used to go hang out on summer nights with my friends. We’d ride all the fast, spinning rides together, look for the cute boys…and gush at them.
Whalom Park was truly an entertaining place to spend some leisure time at. I will surely miss it. Well… it’s been closed since 2000 so I guess I should say that I’ll miss it more now that it’s no longer standing.
How sad.

p.s. Click on the Title of this Topic and it should link you to a special slide show created & published by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Enjoy!
(Both pictures courtesy of Bob Cornelier on his site – http://www.angelfire.com/nh/whalom/photo.html)
2 Responses to “Feeling Nostalgic”
  1. lasullivan says:

    I guess when I switched over to WordPress recently, the link for the slideshow is no longer accessible. I’ll see if I can find it and post it here soon.


  2. Michelle says:

    Whalom Park was a huge part of my life growing up in Lunenburg. My parents would bring me and a friend to Whalom every year to celebrate my birthday in August. I was sad when it closed, and devastated when I viewed the T&G clip watching The Comet demolished. Makes me wonder whether progress is worth the price…

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