Traffic. I drive against the heaviest stuff (heavy for Raleigh anyway) as I head toward work each day. Yet, the thing that drives me nuts the most (no pun intended) is the stupidity of drivers. I mean, really! I have never seen so many accidents…or heard of so many (in the radio traffic reports)…as I drive each morning.

Most crashes are minor fender benders in which you have both culprits parked dead-center in the road cuz they feel as though they can’t move for fear the cops will say to them, “Why did you move your vehicles from the immediate scene?” What’s worse – the cops arrive and they are right there with them! Not moving to the side of the road or something.

I will admit that there are some dangerous sections of highway that I travel each day, places where crossing is taking your life in your hands if an attempt is made. That’s where some accidents happen. It seems as if drivers don’t have the common sense to travel in the opposite direction (from where they want to get to), u-turn at an appropriate place, and then double-back. To me, that would be a whole lot safer.

But, who am I to talk! I am a self-proclaimed speeder. I’m about 5 minutes late for work each day and I end up zipping down my main roadway to get there at about 15 mph over the limit most mornings. Then again, I’m also keeping up with what’s ahead or behind me too.

Traffic. Yuck! I wish there was a commuter rail I could take everyday. Then, I could catch up on the news, get some work done, even read a book. Now, there’s a concept – relaxing while getting to work, letting someone else take me there. Oh I miss those days in the Boston suburbs when I used to do just that. I don’t miss the weather. Just those days….



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