This is my third post today. I have tried and tried to get off this dang computer but I can’t seem to. I am mesmerized by the published word, or at least that which I find in cyberspace, as I have been glued to so many aspiring writers’ Blogs. I visit one Blog and find myself linking to another, then to another, and still another. I have saved so many of them on my “favorites” today that I can only hope when I return to them, I’ll remember why I saved them in the first place.

I love to write. I love to just take my thoughts and put them out there…just because. Sometimes, I hope that my words make a difference, that they are an inspiration of sorts, while at other times I’m just being silly. No matter what I write or how I write, it brings me joy. It gives me a sense of peace because I know that I’m not just talking to my friends in cyberspace but in many ways, it’s my way of communicating with God. Yet another reason to be inspired.

I once read a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Every artist was first an amateur”
and a famous one from Ecclesiastes 5:2:
Let Thy words be few.”
These two quotes inspire me for some reason. I feel as though I am an amateur but artistry is within reach. I have trouble keeping my written thoughts to few words but I inspire to learn to do that on ocassion so that my words will be inspiring to others and less “wordy”.
I am an amateur. My words aren’t few. Artistry is within reach.
My ending thoughts for the day…TQF

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