Live It Loud!

I’m so glad I’m a child of God! Really. I just got back from an awe inspiring message from Pastor Phil Dooley, Youth Pastor of Hillsong Church Australia ( who was visiting C3 Church, the church I have been regularly attending here in NC ( The gist of the message that he brought forth was that we as Christians need to do three things (1) live loud for Christ, (2) take hold of our own uniqueness, and (3) be inspired by the awesome power of God. To illustrate his point he brought in Acts 16:25-31, the story of Paul & Silas in prison when upon midnight they began singing praises & worshipping God. As a result, all the doors unlocked and all the chains came loose. Yet, the prisoners, including Paul & Silas, stayed with the jailor to talk him out of killing himself but rather to believe in Christ.

Now, why does that story excite me and what does it act as an example for the three things we Christians need to do? Paul & Silas lived out loud by praising God even in the darkest of night, even when everyone was sleeping. They didn’t care. They just praised. Kinda like us. We need to not care. We just need to praise and praise loudly!

Paul & Silas also embraced their uniqueness. Why were they in jail? They were imprisoned for believing in, worshipping in, and sharing in God’s Word. They were imprisoned for spreading His message, not for the “typical” reasons one would have been imprisioned in their day. That’s not to say we should all go to prison in order to find our uniqueness. It just means we need to grasp that God has an assignment for each of us and that’s what makes us unique!

Finally, the two prisoners experienced God’s AWESOME power through not only the release of the prisoners but also through their willingness to stay to help the jailor find Christ. They all could have easily left…but they didn’t. That’s awesome! That’s what we need to do. We need to recognize God’s awesome power each day and even when we “feel like” doing something else, we should take hold of what is shown to us and cherish it.

It was an amazing, AMAZING message today. Pumped me up! Everyday I pray that “I shine like a star in the universe as a hold out the Word of Life”, that I too – LIVE OUT LOUD. Are you?

Just something to think about…



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