The Spirit of Patriotism

Independence Day has come and gone. I love that holiday for it’s colors, it’s patriotism, the memories it brings forth. For so many reasons, I love July 4th.

Last night, my husband and I decided to celebrate the fourth by taking in a Durham Bulls game. It was my first time at the park, his second. We had fantastic seats on the first base line right above the home team dugout. It was very hot & sticky but we were under the overhang so we at least had some reprieve, however little that it was.

I was enjoying the game, actually getting into it. All the while, I’m watching a couple getting drunk & silly two rows ahead of us, always getting up from their seats and returning to it. It was almost a cycle that I could predict. Just one more inning was all that was needed and I could’ve come up with a scientific pattern!

Then, there were these giggly teenage girls behind us with no adult supervision. They too were constantly getting up from their seats and returning. For those of us that pretty much sit in our seats the entire game, I felt bad for the patrons that had to constantly get up to allow for those girls…and even that couple…to leave or return to their seats.

But, it was all in the spirit of patriotism. All I could do was try to ignore it and enjoy the game, concert, and fireworks at the end, which I did. The fireworks were really nice and the show was set to some wonderful patriotic music.

So, in the end, our celebration of Independence Day turned out to be a fun and enjoyable one. I’d do it again.

How was yours?



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