I’m a Blubbering Mess!

I’m a sap. I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who cries at Hallmark commercials, at the end of Extreme Home Makeover, and anywhere that I see on my television screen a compassionate scene where crying is the BEST reaction.

I have just spent my last two hours with Charlie Gibson of ABC’s Good Morning America, now Anchor for ABC’s World News Tonight. I can’t stop crying! To me, Charlie represents everything a remarkable reporter should be. He’s solid, he’s genuine, he’s hard-working, but most of all… most of all… he’s compassionate. Every time he tears up, I tear up! I hate that, and I love it all at the same time.

I will miss Charlie on GMA but I will look forward to watching him spurt out the news on WNT with the excellence and compassion that we have come to love.

Did I mention that I’m a blubbering idiot? Someone pass the kleenex please, and not just one tissue…pass the whole dang box!


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