Nothing Insightful…Just Looking for Support!

So…I’ve been praying that God will put me in another direction where my other gifts and talents could be utilized for his Glory. Heck, I’ve been praying that for months! Well, I believe that my prayers just may have been answered…or at least the direction has been pointed out and now I just need to travel down that road.

On June 21st from 7-8am, I am going to be auditioning for a spot with Raleigh’s Q Morning Crew on radio station WQDR 94.7FM, Today’s Best Country ( The phenomenally talented, witty, lovable co-host, currently on the morning program, Heather Green, is leaving to pursue her dreams and utilize her own gifts as a singer in Nashville. The opportunity to fill her shoes was blasted over morning radio two weeks ago and I took advantage of it! I called and left my 30 second schmeel as to why I wanted to work with the Crew. Low and behold, I have an audition! How cool is that?!

Most people who know me know that music is my passion. I love most genres but over the last 10 plus years, I’ve been partial to country. Back in the day when Reba McIntyre, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, were hitting the airwaves non-stop is when I became hooked. Brooks & Dunn are STILL doing their thing and they still amaze me each time I hear them.

Well, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I want to do something different, something outside of teaching, but something that was going to get me pumped up to go to work in the morning. I believe this qualifies! It fits me to a “T” and now I just have to convince them and their listeners that I’m the chick for the job. I even went so far as to sign up for another My Space account again (see link on the right) just to “advertise” myself. That’s how badly I want this. BUT, please know that I also trust in God. He has the ultimate plan for me so if this doesn’t work out, just having the experience is pretty darn cool…and maybe it will open some doors for me, too. Who knows! Oh, wait…God does!! 🙂

So, nothing insightful this fine Sunday morning. Just wish me all the best, support me by listening in (if you’re local), support me by emailing or calling the station (if you’re not local), and say a few prayers for me.

Much luv until next time…TQF

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