Taking a Backseat

Well, I’ll be the first to admit it…I dropped the ball on The Purpose Driven Life study….for now. School has just gotten to be so hectic as it winds down for the year. Keeping up with the last of the grades, preparing for End of Grade testing, plus my other professional obligations, it seems as though EVERYTHING has taken a backseat lately. Well, not everything…I did buy a new car recently. 🙂 I’ll start up PDL again next weekend. I just need one more week to make sure all my ducks are in a row and then I can relax cuz Summer is a comin’!!

Man, am I looking forward to summer break. Most of my colleagues will have two months off. I will have about a month and a half since I’m in training as soon as school is completely over, but that’s ok. I’m still looking forward to what time off I do have. I plan to do some camping, traveling, and just plain old relaxing. I also plan to work on my writing some more. Inspiration has struck me today and I jotted some notes down to work on my script next weekend too.

You know, so many people say that teachers shouldn’t complain throughout the year cuz they have the most vacation time than any other profession. Though that is true….ummm…there’s a reason. I’ve barked down that tree one too many times already but let’s just say I don’t feel bad for enjoying my vacation. I know I have earned it and that I deserve it!

So, yeah, some things have taken a backseat. Big deal! I will resume all FUN stuff when work is through. For now, let me count down the days until break…..8 more to go as of Tuesday. YES!

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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