It’s Working!

It was back to the grind today. I began my day answering e-mails, watching the morning news, and having a cup of coffee (this was at 5am!). I actually left my house at a decent hour and made good time to work too. As I drove, I prayed about my day.

First, I praised God for being the forefront of my life, for loving, guiding, and protecting me, for being my rock. Then, I asked for forgiveness for being so depressed about going back to work today and instead I thanked him for giving me somewhere that I can go to earn a living. I thanked Him for the many blessings in my life – my wonderful husband, my family, friends near & far, just being able to breathe. Then, I asked God to help me out today, to get me out of the rut I was feeling and instead, tackle the day positively and productively.

It worked! I had a FABULOUS day!! I was positive. I was productive, very productive. I was even happier to see the kids than I imagined I’d be. I still don’t like the way teachers are treated in NC but when I saw the smiles on my students’ faces, it made facing today worth it.

So, to all those who sent well wishes to me for a successful first day back, I thank you! You must have prayed for me too. 😉 Let’s hope tomorrow, the next day, the next week, months, are just as good! Keep praying!! It’s working!

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