Time Well Spent

Our vacation is over. I’ve returned to a pile of mail, laundry to be done, Christmas gifts to sort through, grocery shopping to be tackled, and the list goes on. While we were away visiting family we were on the go, go, go ALL the time. BUT, it was time well spent.

My husband and I are very fortunate. We live a days drive from our hometowns in the northeast. This holiday season we were able to see everybodyand that’s no small feat. Both sets of our parents live in the same state but miles apart from each other. My parents are divorced so when I go to visit, I have to make time for two different households each time. Add to that a visit with my husband’s family too and it can get hectic.

This year it was different. We were blessed to have the opportunity to have spent quality time with my husband’s family during Thanksgiving and as a result, when we arrived home for the holidays, we were able to concentrate on visiting mostly my family. I know to you outsiders that sounds kind of selfish but let me just say this – we have a rule in our house that each year we concentrate our time on one side of the family only (his or mine) and spend the next year doing the opposite. It’s a rule that has worked out well since we met – almost 14 years ago! This way, we don’t argue over who we should spend the Christmas holiday with each year because it was decided based on the previous year’s plans. Even if someone in the family has passed away in a particular year or someone celebrates a marriage or a baby is born into the family, the plans stay the same. As it turns out, God has blessed each of those years immensely. I think He agrees with us!

Anyway, back to my point about time well spent. This year we stayed with my mother for 3 nights and two days, stayed with my Dad for 4 nights and 4 days (still seeing my mother as time allowed), and spent plenty of time with my sister & her family too, including our new little nephew born just 5 days before Christmas!

Yes, we ran around here, there, and everywhere but for the most part, each visit was time well spent with those we love. My only remorse – no time to visit with friends I usually get a chance to see during Christmas vacation. This particular year, I missed a traditional visit with a close friend of mine of 20 years. I missed our “20 year anniversary”. I guess as one gets older, family gets larger, and time gets shorter, these opportunities are missed. Still, time should be well spent with ALL those you love, even your closest friends. Life is too short not to.

So, I leave you with this thought – in all the hustle and bustle of the season, take the opportunity to partake in time well spent with those you love too.

Peace, love, joy…and time well spent to you!

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