Experiencing Joy. Experiencing Peace.

Dictionary.com defines happiness as, “a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” Yes, I’m about to write another “2-cents” about this Christmas season.

My last post warranted some very insightful and interesting responses. I thank all of you for sharing your thoughts! I was reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season and that giving back to those in need all year round SHOULD be done, not just during the holidays. All very valid points.

First, let me just say that I never intended to not give credit for the season where credit is due – Jesus. Amen! Absolutely, 100% SO true!! He IS the reason for the season. During the Christmas holidays we (meaning the human race, in general) tend to spend so much time focusing on the commercialism of the holiday that we sometimes neglect to make sure that we are “shining like stars” on behalf of Christ while we are shopping, wrapping, giving, etc. Let’s make a point to do just that! We certainly do not want to get the wrong message across to those that don’t understand, which brings me to my original message for today – happiness.

People that are truly happy are those that are enjoying their life for what it is meant for – for Christ. The key word there is “enjoying”, or specifically, “joy”. We were not put on this earth for ourselves but FOR HIM. Rick Warren (author of Purpose Driven Life) says, and I quote, “It’s not about you.” We are here for Him.

But, where do we find that happiness and joy? The only way to find both is through a real relationship with Christ through daily prayer & meditation, through service to others, and above all loving one another. Everything we are and everything we do should be in glory to our Almighty Father.

And what do we get out of it? Simple – peace, – feeling truly loved by God (not just knowing it but feeling it), being fulfilled by his presence in our lives, and, most importantly, trusting in it. That’s peace. That’s happiness. When you feel that, you want to love others, serve others, and shine like stars. For those that have not found happiness yet, I pray that you do…and soon.

Where is this all coming from, you might ask? Well, it’s a combination of factors but mostly, I look at those around me who aren’t experiencing peace & joy. My heart pours out for them in prayer daily. I was just praying for them a while ago and well, I just wanted to journal my thoughts.

May you ALL experience joy, peace, and love this Christmas.



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