Are You Sharing Your Talents?

The human race is so blessed. Really. God created each and every one of us to be unique and different, incorporating our own set of talents to share with the world. Just imagine, if we were all the same (think “The Matrix”), what a boring world this would be.

I have to tell you about two people whose talents are so intertwined that the sound they form is nothing short of phenomenal. Their names are Jj and Bo. The band – Seminole County.

I first met Jj when she was my student in 1999. Back then, she was an interesting character. She had a sense of rebellion yet a heart of gold. Bo was an aspiring music producer who in his spare time cared for Jj and her three siblings. He too had a sense of wonder & spirit…almost as if he had something to get out there and share with the world. And, yes, he also had a heart of gold.

Jj was an excellent student academically and throughout the year, she began to grow on me a little. She was sassy and clever at times. Yet, her heart always remained true and beautiful. Throughout the year, I watched her grow into her own as a young teen with so many interests and talents (she played pop warner football and basketball for the school I was teaching, among other things). She amazed me. By the end of the year, I was happy to write a letter of recommendation to send her on to high school, skipping 8th grade. The girl is gifted. There’s no doubt God has blessed her.

As for Bo, he was already a successful singer with his own band. But, when it disbanded, he was left trying to figure out just exactly what he wanted to do with his talents. He began to explore the music scene from the perspective of a producer. Jj’s mother, Jill, proprietor of her own entertainment company, JBC Entertainment, saw the talent that he was and allowed him to continue that exploration. One day, Jj and Bo made some incredible sound together…on a fluke of sorts…and POOF! A new sound emerged.

For the last four years they have been working to perfect that sound, to expand on their talents. Meet Seminole County. I highly recommend you visit their array of websites –,, Check them out!

As you can see, back to my original post here, these two are blessed and they are sharing their talents with the world. Together, they broaden our world beyond a Matrix of sameness. Though rap is not my favorite music, their sound is.

Have you found your talent yet? Are you sharing it with the world? Something to think about…

Blessings & Smiles!


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